Sounds From The Other City


What SFTOC says: Manchester fell in love with Horsebeach with their eponymous debut 2014 album with that love blossoming unexpectedly all the way to their 3rd album release this March 2017. Their sound has adapted and matured since their dream-pop beginnings to something a whole lot bigger, and we can’t wait to see the live output.

What the band says: Melancholic, but never miserable, Beauty And Sadness is a celebration in the exquisite pain of longing. Named after Yasunari Kawabata’s 1964 novel of the same name – a book which helped Kennedy through a difficult breakup – the source of the album’s title gives a clue as to what lies within, as Ryan explains; “It’s about regret and an overlaying sense of loss but also a realisation of the beauty of starting again. I found some beauty in sadness, as it forced me to re-evaluate everything.”

Ryan says; “I’ve come across many records which bands have released themselves and I’ve developed an understanding of how the system works. There’s something really special about being involved with a project from start to finish. I never had any big plans for the music so just getting it onto a physical release and it existing was enough. This band’s progress has been mostly organic and I think there’s a sense of loyalty from fans who have found us for themselves rather than being forced at them from billboards.”