Sounds From The Other City


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77:78 . [ K S R ] AJA . Akaram . Alxdr LondonAnna Burch . Anni Rossi . AtatatBarbarossa . BBC Philharmonic Ensemble . BitowskiBodies on Everest . Bog FM Roadshow . Boredom (Live)Boy Azooga (solo) . Boys Will Be Boys Brian LeechBurgundy BloodCattle . Cavalier Song Chrystal . Cong BurnCrumbsCucina Povera . CutwerkDan StockDe Rumba DJs . Devastia DJ Acid Rephlux . DJ Hongee . DOEDon’t Be CruelDrahla . Dr Mystery DUDS . E11e Ed Schrader’s Music Beat . Éntha (live) . Ex-Easter Island Head (solo)Faded Gold Farhood + Tardast . Footshooter FYI ChrisGhold Goat GirlGodspeed you! Peter AndreHatchieHave You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? Heavenly Jukebox DJsHer’sHey ColossusHappy MealsHesska . High Hoops (all night long) . Honor GavinHorseyHot BoneHotel Lux . Hover Squid Industries . InnerstringsIWFM Radio Roadshow . Jack Galereux . JacuzziJade MannionJasmine Jones . Jaz LinklaterJC Leisure . Jessica HigginsJP HuzzleJust Blankets Kayla PainterKerrie . King BongosKiss Me Again Kxngs . Late Night Karaoke Dungeon, hosted by Marilyn Misandry . Laura BaileyLaura Bowler . Laura MischLiohnessLorenzo SenniLuminous Bodies . Luxury DeathLychee . Lynch . ManniMeans&3rd . MeMe GoldMerlin NovaMiasmaMoldMonopoly Phonic . Mortal Sinner MT Hall . Mun SingMur MurMush . MutchNABB GANG . Nick AinsworthNight Fantasy DJsNot WavingNotchyyNun Habit . OneFiveEight presents… Beng! Beng! Beng! . OtherchannelsOut Of Quiet OVAOYL . Pearl City . Perkocet Personal BestPijn . PINS (DJ set)Pip Blom Punctured Disco . Rachel Goodyear RattleReality GogglesRichard NhoebraRosebudRun Logan Run . SheBeKekeShe The Throne . sir WasSleazy F presents: Dripset Live . Slumb Party . SNOSomniaSorrySpectrum  (Sonic Boom/Pete Kember) . Sunny Wray . Suzi Wu Sweaty PalmsTeam Picture The AlephThe Bear Around Your Neck . The FoetalsToucanplay Vacuus otiosusVirginia Wing/XAM Duo vwls . W H Lung WerkhaWhite Room . William The Conqueror . Wolf Girl XamVolo . Yadda YammererYOWL . Yuri


Sounds from the Other City’s 2018 programme is supported by PRS for Music Foundation and supported using public funding by Arts Council England.