Sounds From The Other City

June 26, 2017

SFTOC x Manchester International Festival: Full listings

While Sounds from the Other City 2017 is over, we’re far from done with the year – with our collaboration with Manchester International Festival kicking off in less than a week. Teaming up with some of our favourite promoters, we’ve been given the keys to the festival’s Pavilion Theatre to curate 7 nights of unmissable music, starting with Hookworms & Carla dal Forno on Sunday 2nd July. See our full programme and purchase tickets below – we’ll be seeing you soon.

Sunday 2 July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & Grey Lantern presents: Hookworms & Carla dal Forno More information & tickets

Wednesday 5 July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & Now Wave presents: William Basinski More information & tickets

Saturday 8 July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & Samarbeta presents: Stealing Sheep: ‘Luma Disco’ More information & tickets

‘Liverpool Electro trio premiere new tracks and visuals. This will be the live premiere of their third album’

Sunday 9 July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & NTS Radio presents: Amnesia Scanner, Gnod & Hesska More information & tickets

Wednesday 12 July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & Hey! Manchester presents: Kiran Leonard: ‘Song of the Husband’ More information & tickets

‘Leonard presents a new performance and visual art show’

Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm

SFTOC & Fat Out presents: Portico Quartet More information & tickets

Sunday 16th July, 3pm

SFTOC & Now Wave presents: Spring King & Let’s Eat Grandma More information & tickets

May 1, 2017

Sounds from the Other City 2017 experience survey – win 2x tickets and £50

Sounds from the Other City 2017 is over – and what a day it was. We’ll be giving a full round-up over the coming days, but for the moment we’ve got an important favour to ask of you. We want to make SFTOC the best festival it can be, and in order to make that possible we’d like your feedback. We’ve put together this survey, and all those who enter will be entered into a prize draw for a pair of tickets to SFTOC 2018 and £50. All your answers will go towards shaping the future of the festival – we couldn’t do it without you.

You can fill out the survey at this link, or below. Thanks – we’ll see you again soon:

April 30, 2017

SFTOC 2017 is here – final updates

Finally, we’ve reached April 30th – SFTOC is here! We’re putting the final pieces together for the year’s best party, and we can’t wait to see you.

For all the latest information, follow us on Twitter, or Instagram (where  David Bailey of Common Bar will be taking over our Insta Story) – and we’ll have sporadic updates on Facebook, too. We’ll be announcing special events throughout the day, as well as keeping people updated on what is happening where.

The wristband exchange opens 2pm at Islington Mill – if you purchased tickets online, please try and print out or download your tickets to help speed up the process. Admittance to any venue will not be allowed without a wristband, so please head to the Mill before you start your day. Early on, there are also liable to be queues at the exchange – so if you want to see any of the bands towards the beginning of the bill, we advise arriving early.

As previously mentioned, there will be 100 tickets on the door – these are likely to sell out very fast, so be warned. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – so if you are turning up, please be aware that you may miss out. Tickets are priced at £30 – we do not have card payment facilities, so purchases must be cash only.

If you want to plan your day, the clashfinder is still online here, but there will also be programmes available at Islington Mill including stage times.

The BBC Philharmonic/Laura Cannell/Ex-Easter Island Head performances take place at Salford Cathedral at 7.30 & 8.45. To get into these performances, you will need an additional ticket that must be picked up at the wristband exchange. These are free of charge, but are liable to go very quickly. Seating at the Cathedral is limited, and we are unable to let in anyone over these initial allocations.

IMPA TV (and the mysterious cult Sound of the New Dawn) are our visual directors this year (you’ll notice their totems across the site), and they invite you to join their ‘Pleasure Temple’ congregation at 8.45pm. This starts at The Old Pint Pot, before weaving it’s way to Regent Trading Estate. Gloves will be handed out to help you ward off evil spirits – it is advised you watch this initiation video in order to reach salvation.

There have been some small line-up changes: Go Away are now unable to play at The Kings Arms for The White Hotel – any news of a replacement will be announced on our social channels; Jack Evans has replaced Ben Kewin at The Salford Arms for Sham Bodie (you can find out more about Jack here); Pop Bastard will now be spinning tracks between bands at The Egerton Arms for Bad Uncle.

Apart from that, have a great day – it’s gonna be our best ever. Also – remember to tag any pictures #SFTOC to appear on The Skinny’s hashtag wall.

We’ll see you on the other side.

April 29, 2017

1 DAY TO GO: Sound of The New Dawn initiation, merch & more

Sounds from the Other City tickets are now sold out online –  a handful of physical tickets are still available at Common Bar, King Arms, Old Pint Pot, The Font Chorlton (all booking fee free) & Piccadilly Records.


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Taking over the festival site on visual direction duties are IMPATV, combining live visuals across multiple venues, a sunset procession from The Old Pint Pot to Regents Trading Estate and 13 enormo totems to guide you on your way across Chapel Street – all in aid of a secretive cult called SOUND OF THE NEW DAWN.

Sound of The New Dawn have sent us this message about their plans for tomorrow – join them, and be saved:

In an effort to protect Sounds From The Other City Festival from the evil spirits within it’s 13th year, the benevolent leader of Sound of The New Dawn has enlisted The Pleasure Temple Ritual Band to perform a ritual of joy.

Starting as a procession from The Old Pint Pot, the Pleasure Temple will travel through the venues of the festival and culminate in a final ritual outside The Islington Mill with 13 musicians. The Pleasure Temple congregates at 8.30pm at The Old Pint Pot. Join us.

Each member of the procession will be given a glove, specially developed by Sound of The New Dawn for it’s talismanic properties. In order to be properly saved, they’ve created this instructional video

Sound of The New Dawn will also be offering their own chat line, where you can call to be saved. Any problem, worry, or issue – they’ll be there to help you to salvation.

07453114588 – call now.

In celebration of our new cult overlords, there will also be ceremonial robes (t-shirts) and bags emblazoned with the totem in order to ward off spirits. Only 13 of each have been made, and they are available to purchase from the Islington Mill ticket exchange. T-shirts are £13, tote bags are £8. Buy and be saved.

April 28, 2017

Common Bar to take over SFTOC Instagram Story this Sunday

Given that they’ve handed over their decks to use on multiple occasions over the years (which we’ve invariably used to – well, have a party in their bar, spinning vinyl found in charity shops and pilfered from family members), we thought we’d repay the favour. This Sunday, throughout Sounds from the Other City, we’re handing over the keys to our Instagram Story to that boy David Bailey from Common Bar, meaning you’ll see the day through his eyes. Will he get converted to a member of the SOUND OF THE NEW DAWN cult? Will he have a Diamond Dogs hot dog or an Honest Crust pizza for dinner? Will he leave the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at any point in the day? Tune in and see!

You can follow the official Sounds from the Other City Instagram here: – we’ll also be posting highlights on the main feed to maintain maximum vibes.

You can pick up one of the FINAL physical SFTOC tickets in person at Common Bar, and you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram too, if you fancy.

Oh, and you may have heard that Common Knowledge is making the trip to Salford this Sunday too!