Sounds From The Other City

January 25, 2021

SFTOC Lifeline

Suggested donation: £10.00




Why are we asking for donations?

Without any festivals in 2020 and 2021, we will have had no revenue from ticket sales and sponsorships for two years, which, other than our emergency crowdfunder in 2020, has left us wholly dependent on grants and funding.

We are working hard on securing further grants this year but currently nothing is guaranteed and the future security of the festival is in real risk.

Amazingly, many of our ticket buyers have told us that they would be keen to donate the value of their ticket to help us survive if necessary and this support is so valuable to the festival. It wasn’t possible to set up that mechanism via our box office so we have launched the appeal to enable people to support us in this way if they wish.

How much are we asking for?

We have no set goal, every penny counts right now. The festival is a lean machine, our overheads are low and our staff are all freelancers, but right now we need to pay for people’s time and expertise. 

The music and events industries are facing a national crisis and many music festivals and venues will not survive this year. Many of our team have received no government income support and like most people in the industry right now are struggling to find ways of maintaining their livelihoods.

If 250 people donated £10 each it would keep us alive, thriving and building to the future for a month. 

If 500 ticket buyers donate their £25 refund, it will enable us to survive through to the beginning of our 2022 festival planning period.

Since there is no festival in 2021, what are we working on this year?

We’re working hard on finding new ways to create revenue for SFTOC in this new world, building partnerships, developing our online presence and strengthening relationships with our family of promoters, artists and audiences. 

Although it’s really a rough period and money is hard to come by, having this planning time is a rare luxury for us and we’re actually feeling excited about what could come out of this work in time for a big return (hopefully!) in 2022.