Sounds From The Other City


>>> Bounds x Sounds Stage @ Hot Bed Press

DUDS‘You kind of know where you are (in a good way) with a band name like DUDS, self-effacing in the way only the British can be. Lacking even the qualification of the definite article! Musically they don’t disappoint either…’
– Wire

Deceptively minimalist whilst filled with nuances, DUDS are the apex where competing sonic influences converge with a nervous creative energy to form something really quite special.

There’s a genuine urgency and brittleness at the core of this Manchester grown 7 piece, with jagged, erratic bursts of rhythmical energy surrounding detached and abruptly delivered absurdist lyricism. Veering from blisteringly infectious to reflective art rock and the downright peculiar, their live shows are brimming with an electric atmosphere of anticipation.

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