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// FAT OUT x ALPHAVILLE @ Regents Trading Estate: Unit 2 //

FAT OUT x ALPHAVILLE @ Regents Trading Estate: Unit 2

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Championing challenging, intense, experimental and downright rowdy music, Fat Out has been curating shows of the weird and wonderful variety since 2008. Growing from humble DIY punk roots into becoming a force to be reckoned with, Fat Out was founded in reaction to the sometimes punishing environment of the independent scene. Today, that ethos of respect and trust for the artists they work, and they scene they live, work and play in, is stronger than ever. See it in full force when they take up residency at Unit 2 of Regents Trading Estate.

Fed up with the male-dominated music promotion scene in Leeds, music journalist Hayley Scott decided to do something to redress the balance. The result is Alphaville – a celebration of the often overlooked legends of yore, as well as a driving force behind the championing and development of some of the most exciting new bands of today. After six successful years of gig promoting in Leeds, last year Alphaville made Manchester its home. With a reputation for diverse, well thought-out line-ups and a propensity for the weird, wonderful and wonky side of post-punk, we’re rubbing our hands in anticipatory glee at the idea of what they’ll bring to Sounds this year.

Two powerhouse queens of the underground join forces for the 2020 SFTOC, showing the boys how it is done.


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