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Maxwell Hall @ The University of Salford >>>  Curated by Now Wave x YES


pang[ pang ]


    a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing:

    a pang of remorse; a pang of regret

    a sudden, brief, sharp pain or physical sensation; spasm:

    hunger pangs.


And ‘Pang!’ Is a Welsh Language pop album featuring a couple of verses of Zulu and an English title – the latest offering from the super-prolific Gruff Rhys, mixed and produced by South African electronica artist Muzi. Bridging the canyon between classic pop tuneage and experimental dissonance, ‘Pang!’ is a short, sharp blast of positivity that sees Rhys take an internationalist holiday from a “decade of dour ballads” – his words, definitely not ours! In fact, he also credits the psychedelic joy of these digital pop songs for jolting him out of the omni-present political gloom – something we could surely all do with.





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