Sounds From The Other City


himHallows >>> ART DIRECTOR

himHallows presents On The Shores Of The Strange


Foggy heads and rocky souls are a combination for disaster, so this year himHallows has enlisted the lighthouse keeper to shine their beam, ensuring your course remains sure and true. In layman’s terms, that means he’ll be trying to keep you somewhat on the straight and narrow – or at least get you to the afterparties in one piece. So join the keeper on the Shores Of The Strange, feel the good energy of the lighthouse’s energising rays… and yell Land Ahoy!


himHallows is the working name of Paul Hallows, an artist and illustrator from Manchester who is mostly obsessed with dark films, concrete buildings and culinary experiments. Paul’s work takes form mostly in illustration and design, but when not doing this, he likes to build things out of cardboard. himHallows is based at the Engine House, Salford.


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