Sounds From The Other City

Sounds From the Other City 2016

*All images courtesy of Mike Hughes & John Lynch

2016 brought treats from far and wide tosftoc 2016 the streets of Salford, from Gwenno’s cosmic pop and London mcs Flohio and Cassive to 2016’s hottest new band, Pumarosa, SFTOC is a festival created for and by music lovers. Following last year’s collaboration, BBC Philharmonic & Ex-Easter Island Head joined forces once again for a one-off performance in Salford Cathedral while other highlights included Chrononautz’s outsider techno, the avant garde folk of Laura Cannell and the dazzling pop of former Race Horses frontman, Meilyr Jones. New for 2016 were stages co-curated with Café Oto (at Islington Mill with Fat Out),The Quietus (at The Kings Arms with Grey Lantern), Heavenly Records (First Chop Brewing Arm) and The White Hotel (at the Old Pint Pot).

As ever, venues such as churches, art galleries, breweries and old mills were as much a part of the experience as the music and art. Yet all was not quite as it seemed, as a strange and spectacular occult theme manifested itself in visual artist himHallows‘ stage and set designs across the festival site. Impromptu performances and costumes appeared throughout the day, culminating in a haunted ‘Sea Captain’s Ball’ at midnight.

Elsewhere, festival goers witnessed the birth of SFTOC.TV across the globe and tuned into online radio giants NTS who joined us for a one-off Sunday broadcast. There was loads of sumptuous street food and an ale-extravaganza in a new space at Regent Trading Estate, by leading craft beer experts, Port Street and Cloudwater Brewing Co.


A Celebration of Independence ***** (5/5 star review) – The Independent

Sounds From The Other City spins on an alternative axis to anywhere you’ve quite experienced before…What SFTOC represents is independence of the arts, something we should all continually celebrate and invest in – even more so when ‘Sounds’ transforms a slither of Salford into a mini metropolis of vibrancy and collective

Is there anything on the UK music calendar that offers such ridiculous value for – whisper it – £20? Roll on 2017. – The Skinny

Once again SFTOC has been an erratic shock to the senses that has perfectly showcased all manner of the vibrant spectrum of talent that we find in Salford, Manchester and further afield. It’s a wonderful reminder of what a real festival should be.Far Out Magazine

Salfordian exile has never sounded so good.Get into this

One day each year, Salford transforms into the cacophony of sound and colour that is Sounds From The Other City…Eclectic may be an overused word but few festivals merit its use quite as much as SFTOC. – God is in the TV

Sounds From The Other City is a festival where anything can happen; a troop in larger-than-life sea creature themed heads can walk down a church aisle, and no one will bat an eyelid. Actually, they’ll probably stop to take a selfie, but you get the idea. Whatever formula SFTOC use to select their brilliantly exhilarating mix of acts, they’re doing something truly special.God is in the TV


2016’s promoters were (in no particular order)

Chew Disco, Trash o Rama, T’OPP Collective, Fat Out til you Pass Out , Cafe Oto, The White Hotel, Hey Manchester!, The Beauty Witch, Bad Uncle, Samarbeta, Now Wave, Video Jam, NTS Radio, Meat Free, Faktion, Annex Agency, Shambodie, Good Afternoon, The Green Yard, Heavenly Recordings, Grey Lantern, The Quietus, Tru Luv & Night Fantasy

2016’s artists were (in no particular order)

himHallows, Sam Wiehl, IMPATV, Ex Easter Island Head, BBC Philharmonic, Pumarosa, The Big Moon, The Rhythm Method, Beaty Heart, Oscar, Seize The Chair, My Panda Shall Fly, SGNL, Cul dé Sac, Irma Vep, Family Ranks, Louise Landes Levi, Laura Cannell & Charles Hayward, Áine O’Dwyer, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Severed Shadow Large Ensemble, Joe Webster, Lowell Wallbank, Gwenno, Meilyr Jones, The Magnetic North, exmagician, Tacocat, She drew the gun, She Makes War, Blown Out, Werk, English Heretic, Clenstch, Girl Sweat, Ancient Sunlight, Chrononautz, Sculpture, Locean, Ill, The Yossarians, John Doran + guests, Big Sexy Land DJS, John Powell-Jones, Carriers, Aliyah Hussain, AHRKH, Free Wize Men (Afro Sam, Kay Bey and Blind MIC), TruLuvCru: Flohio & Cassive, Jazz Purple, B Franklin, Layfullstop, HMD, G.S. ONE, Witch*unt, Espher, Hooton Tennis Club, Sugarmen, Britain, The Parrots, Gwenno (dj), Heavenly Jukebox, Andrew James, Dan Lees, Phil Ellis, Rachel Fairburn, Jack Evans, Jayne Edwards, Sophie Willan, Marny Godden, Charlotte Cannon, Mathew Gray & The Awful Truth, Chris Tavener, Matthew Rothery, James Sizen Bell, Disc Jockey Babette, The Good Afternoon Soundsystem, 2 Billion Beats, LOA, Kennedy Taylor, Shoto, Poor Lass, Zachary Roddis: Not Even Poetry, Holly Casio, Stephen James, Natalie Bradbury, Steve Carlton, Chicaloyoh, Terrine, Vendel, Nova, Denim & Leather, Serchio Bathing Party, OKLO, Space Afrika, Szare, Cerberus Future Technologies, Blacklung, TOOMS, Rattle, Transylvanian Sex Pest, Cassiel, Raw Brainyak, Kickin’ Pigeon, Parade, BEAT LES (IN THE LAND OF FUCK), Bewilderbeast (AV Show), Church Party, BÊTE, Move, Her’s, HONEYiKNOW, Roasts, Mr TC, Joey Fourr, Happy Meals, Queer’d Science, MOTHER, The Birth Marks, Barberos, The Not That Late Show with John Doran, Martha, Hot Shorts, Grotbags, Legion of Swine, Monoak, Perseus Traxx, Blood Sport, Teresa Winter, ψυχοπομπός, BLOSC & Hess, Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand)