Sounds From The Other City

ORBIT: A Show in Seven Parts

SFTOC_Orbit_Web_AboutBy early Summer 2012 we must have been getting a little itchy feet, as we concocted with The Volkov Commanders to stage a breakout stand alone festival. Working on the basic premise that our Bank Holiday event always turned up so many and varied stories, that no ones persons journey was ever the same, we decided to stage a promenade event where the audience would move as one through an entires day event. No stopping off, no late joining, no looking at programmes to see where to go next.

So on Sunday November 4th we went into “ORBIT”, as we staged what turned out to be one of the most unique and atmospheric events we could have ever imagined.We were joined by an intrepid audience of music and art lovers who moved as one through the venues of Islington Mill, St Phillips Church and The Old Pint Pot whereupon they were greeted by specially commissioned sets from:

PlanningtoRock, Ed Schraders Music Beat, N. Racker, GNOD, Yola Fatoush, Queer’d Science, Tranarchy and the Northern Quarter Boys Choir.

The art direction and visual concepts were co-ordinated by the wonderful minds of the Volkov Commanders.

Below is a little video that gives you a small idea of what it was like to be there but it really was one of those that you just had to be there for…..


Video courtesy of Tobias Longmate

All pictures are copyright of Jody Hartley and Gwen Jones