Sounds From The Other City





Space, the final frontier.

The voyage of starship Oumuamua,

A one day mission,

To explore a strange new world,

To seek out new life,

And new civilisations.

To boldly go where no man has gone before…….


IMPATV have touched base with Earth’s first interstellar visitor, a messenger sent from a phantasmic landscape in the distant past to reach out to humanity. It’s objectives and it’s message, are still unknown – but come May 5th that all could change. In collaboration with Sounds, IMPATV invite you to imagine, reflect, and experience… exactly what you’ll discover remains to be see, but one thing’s for certain – we can’t wait to find out.


IMPATV is artist collective Isadora Darke and Jamie Robinson who have been working together under this name since 2015. Individually their backgrounds are in production design, photography and live visual performance. IMPATV has since collaborated with a network of artists nationally and internationally, recording and broadcasting music and performance, while developing a unique visual aesthetic that sits between the spheres of artist moving image and documentation. This aesthetic derives from experimentation and interplay of obsolete video equipment and new technologies. IMPATV also produce large scale installations incorporating interactive video, sculpture and performance.


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