Sounds From The Other City

Invisible Wind Factory

Invisible Wind FactoryIslington Mill

Invisible Wind Factory is a not-for-profit artist-driven space and production company housed in a former wind-turbine factory on Liverpool’s North Docks.

We think they’ll feel right at home at Islington Mill, where they will concoct a unique IWF experience all day and right through to the small hours.

Bringing a transportable slice of their character to Salford, a pair of stages will act as an Irwell mirror to their Mersey-side home. They’ll also deliver after-hours sonics in conjunction with the mercurial Cartier 4 Everyone, administering a playful if brutal pummeling to the dance floor.

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Stage Line-Up

Main Room

Farhood + Tardast

Bodies on Everest


The Aleph

Reality Goggles

Ex-Easter Island Head (solo)

IWFM Radio Roadshow


Gallery Room

Bog FM Roadshow

JC Leisure


Cartier 4 Everyone Afterparty (Main Room, midnight onwards)



MT Hall