Sounds From The Other City


What SFTOC says: As part of the DIY London scene alongside HMLTD and Goat Girl brought to SFTOC this year by Now Wave, Shame are the readiest to truly rock the establishment and put their own stamp on the world. Outspoken lyrically and day-to-day and ironically unashamed about what people think, expect the unexpected when watching their live show for sure. However, comic lines and lyrics regarding our oh so wonderful Prime Minister are guaranteed.

“One of the most watched and crucially most talked about live bands in London” – Loud and Quiet

What the band says: “Everyone was just flying around on a different type of Class A, walking into rehearsals going, ‘Let me play bass, let me play bass!’,” recalls singer Charlie Steen. “All our instruments would go missing and come back blood-splattered.”