Sounds From The Other City

The Birth Marks

What SFTOC says: “These lads love them some songs! Hah! They love em!” is what we’ve been exclusively told about The Birth Marks, sounds good to us? And funky pop songs at that, excellent. Their recent EP is downloadable for free, but can also be purchased with all proceeds going to MIND and Refugee Action Manchester, sounds even better.

What the band says: The Birth Marks are:
Alex Hewitt – Drums
Dylan Hughes – Guitar/Singing
Edwin Stevens – Guitar/Singing
Oliver Costello – Bass

All members also feature in the following groups:
The Bath Men
The Big Mugs
The Back Maps
The Buck Mules
The Bog Muggers
The Bike Mockups
The Blow Mings
The Bent Masques
The Boz Miffs