Sounds From The Other City

Vanishing Twin

What SFTOC says: Beginning as a solo project in Orlando, Vanishing Twin is now a fully-fledged band with a debut album that took the music world by storm. Drawing on sounds outside of the usual pop vocabulary, the group used forgotten drum machines, home-made electronics, vibraphones, tablas, and harp to invoke the esoteric psychedelia of lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and minimal music orchestras – these are bopping psychedelic tunes to move your hips to.

What the band says: “Vanishing Twin sounds like oblique pop, lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and eternal juju. The live show is about conjuring magic, about casting a spell, and opening a door into another world for a brief time. The visual is an important part of the whole picture for us – the creation of a complete entity.”