Sounds From The Other City

Plastic Mermaids

What SFTOC says: Take the imagination and electronic exuberance of MGMT and Animal Collective, then imagine a slightly less extravagant and more tangible group of people – and you’ve got yourself Plastic Mermaids. The Isle of Wight band are known for their “eye catching stage production, which involves handmade sets, lasers, projections and samples from films” and all of this within our Unit 5 Trading Estate is set to be a once in a lifetime performance.

What the band says: “What we’re trying to do at the moment is to push things as far as we can technologically with samplers and sequencers etc whilst still remaining completely live and not being locked into a click track. There’s been so much of it around recently and I think audiences are starting to realise that gigs with backing tracks become stale pretty quickly. In our sets things can (and sometimes do) go wrong, and I think that adds an element of excitement.”