Sounds From The Other City

The Death of Money

What SFTOC says: Having already toured alongside Pelican, This Will Destroy You, Fuck Buttons, The Icarus Line, Envy, Part Chimp, Taint, Bossk, Monarch, Manatees and more and referring to themselves as a mix of sludge-doom, goth-gaze, post-metal, no-wave, shoegaze, grunge and probably a few more if you asked them on the spot, you might be starting to get the picture about The Death of Money. No limitations, just as long as it’s heavy.

What the band says: “The Death of Money” hail from South Wales UK, having spent the last five years finding their way to something that offers a unique take on heavy music, (no generic description needs to be inserted other than its heavy, and it’s music) to explain what it sounds like is not a very easy thing. Constructed from improv, TDOM’s spacious, simplistic driving rhythms and a sound that flows down to the dark pit via strange discordant melody, off-kilter chordal progression’s accompanied by intense screamed vocals and layers of feedback that crack through the battered beast that will go down fighting.”