Sounds From The Other City

Virginia Wing

What SFTOC says: 6Music fans LISTEN UP! Tom Ravenscroft named Virginia Wing’s recent album Forward Constant Motion his “favourite album of 2016”. A true tell of a good album I’d say. And luckily for SFTOC ticket holders, it’s been said they’re even better live. Psych-influenced with bits of electronica and pop but wholly against being boxed into one genre, the Manchester-based duo should be an exciting watch.

What the band says: “You shouldn’t worry about people wanting to see the bass player playing the bassline. It’d essentially be that thing of when you were watching pop bands as a kid, and they’d be playing to a backing track, but one of them would have a guitar, which was supposed to give the whole thing an air of legitimacy, but was really just bullshit. A performance can be anything you want it to be, we think.”