Sounds From The Other City


Me Gusta >>> Pint Pot (upstairs) after party

Line up: Young Pablo / Yohan / Atike / Yadhaj / Panda Palm


Me Gusta is a multicultural collective based in Manchester UK. Through music, dance, unity and gathered ideas they’ve formed a team that began to harness their own interests and backgrounds to create a platform for all elements of traditional or modern day cultures. Originating from Togo, Ecuador, Kenya, Bermuda, France, Norway and The United Kingdom they have harmonised through music to do something quite special.

Throughout a 3 year journey they’ve worked with multiple projects, platforms, artists and influential people including Limbo Radio, MCR Live , Reform Radio, Hidden, Deaf Institute, Joshua Brooks, Night & Day Cafe alongside wonderful musicians such as Afriquoi, Daniel Haaksman, The Busy Twist, El Búho, Donna Leake, Cervo, Tash LC, SNO, Mukambo, Dj Lilocox, Joaquin Cornejo and many more.

The collective holds a primary aim towards constant activity within Manchester’s community and abroad with their most recent booking at the Bonnefooi Club based in Brussels – diving into unknown, rare and unorthodox sounds for ears of all kinds. Many progressions that are gathered involve blending, producing and sharing musical diaspora from around the world with DJ sets and live elements. The crews regular collaborator Adama Kande is a Senegalese master djembe drummer and never fails to accentuate this.

Experience bespoke, unearthed and raw-like sounds stemming from Afro-Latin, European and Middle Eastern music styles capturing traditional and new age rhythms all under one roof, united, expressive and free.