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“fucking mayhem”
– Louder than War

According the their manifesto, ‘MOLD is an absurdist reaction to the world we live in.’

An anarchist three piece from Manchester, they utilise a minimalistic style post punk riot to create an almighty racket punctuated with dark incisive lyrics. A hardcore intensity completes the aggressive anti-establishment picture – after all, MOLD only grows when things are stale and start to rot.

The musical equivalent of a fit of rage, seeing them live is like reverse anger management therapy.

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SFTOC’s Connor Synnott speaks to Dan and Shane from the band…

Over the course of the last year you’ve stormed on to the Manchester music scene. What started it all off?

Dan: Shane cornered me in a bar.
Shane: Just wanted to get out of the house.

You recently played a few dates with Cabbage. How was that? Any noteworthy experiences?

Dan: Truly interesting since we don’t usually play to such a wide age range of people. We had an 11 year old kid called Cassius come up to us saying he loved it. That was brilliant.
Shane: Just fun to get out of the house.

Not too long ago you released your single ‘Puppetmaster’ what is the song about? How did it come to life?

Dan: Modern day propaganda and the overarching stupidity and fear spreading mechanism that is the news media.
Shane: Cutting the ties we have to the box and urging people to look a deeper and to think for themselves.

What are you up to right now, music-wise? 

Dan: We just did an EP with Alex from Slow Knife recording and co-producing. And we just booked a gig in the actual Welsh town of Mold which is fucking hilarious and a band goal succeeded. August 18th, day before my birthday, we are organising a coach trip, be there.
Shane: We’re working towards our next single launch for our song ‘EYELIDS’ which is through our promotions group ‘DENTCHA’ which will be at the Eagle inn on 26th May, be there also!

In what ways does the place where you live (or places where you have lived), affect the music you create, or your taste in music?

Dan: Through no fault of my own I have never lived in a country longer than 6 years consecutively. Geography has had a huge effect on my taste for sure.
Shane: Growing up I was a country boy so my furthest reach in music was The Libertines. After landing in Manchester when I was 16 the music I listened to changed and so did the music I wanted to create it became normal to be absurd!

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

Dan: Making music.
Shane: Playing live shows and giving the crowd a performance that sticks in their heads!

Can music change society?

Dan: Not out of nowhere by itself no. Right place right time.
Shane: There needs to be a collective of musicians and artists all being on the same page for something extraordinary to happen.

So far what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right in the world of today? Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May? Or do you have another solution? Debate.

Dan: There’s a very long list of things right and wrong…. Corbyn is definitely the better of the two. I can’t offer a solution. But whatever we are living under right now certainly isn’t fucking working.
Shane: With the wise words of orange juice ‘rip it up and start again’

You’ll be playing at The Old Pint Pot for Sounds. Why should people come and watch you?

Dan: We aren’t going to waste your time trying to talk to you onstage.
Shane: For a chance to grope Dan as he enters the crowd. It makes him uncomfortable which provides me with comfort and warmth.

Are you looking forward to the festival, and do you have any particular acts you are looking forward to seeing?

Dan: We played last year but since Shane and I both worked at The Old Pint Pot we were on shift and hardly saw any bands. That is not the case this year, which is good. Sonic Boom (Spectrum) and Horsey are my priorities and it’ll be good to see and catch up with Sweaty Palms.
Shane: Just to be at the festival and not working is all the kicks I need. But seeing Horsey again will be delightful. Also it’s The Market stage we’re playing, a new hive-mind Salford based events promo group with Hover Squid providing the art, a collection of creatives returning to our birthplace at The Old Pint Pot.

What new music are you listening to?

Dan: LICE have just put out a new EP and that’s very good. I’ve been listening to all the new Iceage singles except for the one with Sky Ferreira, her voice wasn’t the right fit and everything Horsey have released is gold.
Shane: Big fans of Horsey and Calva Louise those Starlight boys ain’t too bad either.

What do you think makes you different from other bands on the scene?

Dan: We don’t stop, every song segues into one another, the madness doesn’t relent. And… we paint our faces.
Shane: We just like to get out of the house. The freedom gives us the energy to give a spectacle of a show. We pretty much experiment nearly every show so know one knows what’s about to happen next.

Apart from you, who else should we look out for this year?

Dan: POSA. The Lords Of Destruction.
Shane: Luxury Apartments. ILL.  Slow Knife.

Describe your typical fan

Dan: Human.
Shane: With ears.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2018?

Dan: Putting out more music. Playing more shows.
Shane: Pressing our 7” vinyl ourselves using the Slow Knife technique of creating a mould which seems fitting for us. Completely DIY.

Any last words ?

Dan: I believe they’re reserved for deaths ears.
Shane: Have fun being out of the house but be safe it’s a cruel world.
Sam: Mullets maintenance is key.

Thanks for your time!