Sounds From The Other City

April 29, 2017

1 DAY TO GO: Sound of The New Dawn initiation, merch & more

Sounds from the Other City tickets are now sold out online –  a handful of physical tickets are still available at Common Bar, King Arms, Old Pint Pot, The Font Chorlton (all booking fee free) & Piccadilly Records.


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Taking over the festival site on visual direction duties are IMPATV, combining live visuals across multiple venues, a sunset procession from The Old Pint Pot to Regents Trading Estate and 13 enormo totems to guide you on your way across Chapel Street – all in aid of a secretive cult called SOUND OF THE NEW DAWN.

Sound of The New Dawn have sent us this message about their plans for tomorrow – join them, and be saved:

In an effort to protect Sounds From The Other City Festival from the evil spirits within it’s 13th year, the benevolent leader of Sound of The New Dawn has enlisted The Pleasure Temple Ritual Band to perform a ritual of joy.

Starting as a procession from The Old Pint Pot, the Pleasure Temple will travel through the venues of the festival and culminate in a final ritual outside The Islington Mill with 13 musicians. The Pleasure Temple congregates at 8.30pm at The Old Pint Pot. Join us.

Each member of the procession will be given a glove, specially developed by Sound of The New Dawn for it’s talismanic properties. In order to be properly saved, they’ve created this instructional video

Sound of The New Dawn will also be offering their own chat line, where you can call to be saved. Any problem, worry, or issue – they’ll be there to help you to salvation.

07453114588 – call now.

In celebration of our new cult overlords, there will also be ceremonial robes (t-shirts) and bags emblazoned with the totem in order to ward off spirits. Only 13 of each have been made, and they are available to purchase from the Islington Mill ticket exchange. T-shirts are £13, tote bags are £8. Buy and be saved.

April 28, 2017

Common Bar to take over SFTOC Instagram Story this Sunday

Given that they’ve handed over their decks to use on multiple occasions over the years (which we’ve invariably used to – well, have a party in their bar, spinning vinyl found in charity shops and pilfered from family members), we thought we’d repay the favour. This Sunday, throughout Sounds from the Other City, we’re handing over the keys to our Instagram Story to that boy David Bailey from Common Bar, meaning you’ll see the day through his eyes. Will he get converted to a member of the SOUND OF THE NEW DAWN cult? Will he have a Diamond Dogs hot dog or an Honest Crust pizza for dinner? Will he leave the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at any point in the day? Tune in and see!

You can follow the official Sounds from the Other City Instagram here: – we’ll also be posting highlights on the main feed to maintain maximum vibes.

You can pick up one of the FINAL physical SFTOC tickets in person at Common Bar, and you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram too, if you fancy.

Oh, and you may have heard that Common Knowledge is making the trip to Salford this Sunday too!

April 28, 2017

2 DAYS TO GO: Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell & BBC Philharmonic preview ft. recording extract

In collaboration with Samarbeta, Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell and musicians of the BBC Philharmonic team up to present a unique collaborative debut in Salford Cathedral as part of Sounds From The Other City festival 2017.

Bringing together Cannell’s highly individual fiddle and recorder playing, the mallet-struck prepared guitars of EEIH and a quartet of musicians from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, the specially commissioned work presents a meeting point between atavistic strings, wind and brass and propulsive electrified minimalism, written specifically for the reverberant acoustic of Salford Cathedral.

To celebrate there only being 2 days until SFTOC, we are pleased to bring you this exclusive extract from an early version of the piece that has since been developed into the one that will be performed this Sunday – this recording features Ex-Easter Island Head and Laura Cannell, and was recorded at Islington Mill

Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell, and BBC Philharmonic collaborate for the conclusion of their trilogy at Salford Cathedral for Samarbeta as part of #SFTOC. To get into these performances, you will need to pick up an addition ticket (free of charge) at the wristband exchange. Tickets are limited, and it is recommended that you pick them up early if you wish to attend. 

Final warning for SFTOC tickets – we’re going to be sold out ahead of the festival. If you want to party on April 30th, you need to be fast:

April 27, 2017

Review: FTSE 100 at Fuel, 23 April

Bethany Patience is a music journalist and musician rooted in both Derbyshire and Manchester, currently halfway through her Music Journalism Degree. She is the news editor for WiredNoise blog and has worked with Kerrang! magazine. While working with SFTOC this Spring, Bethany will be writing about some of the acts you’ll be wanting to check out on April 30th.

It’s a cool, breezy Sunday night in Manchester, I grab a taxi down to Fuel Café Bar in Wilmslow. Fairly easy to find, I go in and order a drink. Despite a relatively small venue, there was quite a buzz around the crowd of people gathered inside. I joined at the back, blending in seamlessly with alongside a variety of students and enthusiastic gig-goers.

Sadly, Klaus Kinski couldn’t make tonight’s show. I had messaged them earlier in the day and they replied ‘’unfortunately, we’ve had to pull out. Been terribly difficult to get a practice in, as we all live in different places etc.’’ But they did confirm that they’re definitely playing at the fest this weekend which is great news!

So tonight, I focus my attention on FTSE100. They enter the stage around 9:30, I push in my earplugs to prepare for some live grimey emo rock. And they deliver! Full of energy and exciting anger, FTSE puts on a striking performance, heavy clashing guitar meets up with fast paced and furious drum beats which get gently numbed down by a surprising touch of synth. AFI vibes stand out to me, with a sense of lack-of-control over which direction the melody is heading. Over the course of their set, FTSE100 play Clinton, Working Lunch, Snap Election, Juncker (check it!) and Barack Obama. Unique song titles for very unique songs. The crowd seems riled up and I take a step back to absorb the thrasher metal shocks of sound shivering their way down my spine. Cacophonous noise is calmed by soothing guitar notes plucked every now and then, aiming to bring the atmosphere down a touch. The crowd seems wild by the time the set comes to a close, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t joining in too, hands in the air, whoops and all.

I now can’t wait to see these guys again this weekend, make sure to get down to their stage and check them out, I guarantee you’ll get sucked in for the set! See you there!

FTSE & Klaus Kinski play SFTOC for The Beauty Witch at The Crescent. You can get one of the final festival tickets here:

April 27, 2017

3 DAYS TO GO: Food & Drink at SFTOC

There’s only 3 days to go until SFTOC 2017, and we’re getting hungry – so now’s probably the best time to reveal the food/drink that we’ll all be eating/drinking this Sunday. As ever, we’ve curated a mix to suit all palettes, tastes & allergies. From vegan & gluten free options, through to unbeatable pizza & hot dogs, stopping at donuts, craft beer, picklebacks and more along the way, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you’ve got an empty stomach this Sunday – you’re going to want to eat it all.

Honest Crust Pizza

Final warning for SFTOC tickets – we’re going to be sold out ahead of the festival. If you want to party on April 30th, you need to be fast:
Physical tickets are also available at Common Bar, King Arms, Old Pint Pot, The Font Chorlton (all booking fee free) & Piccadilly Records.

Mother May I: Vegan Food Extravaganza based out of the resident truck in the IM courtyard

Honest Crust: As featured in the International guide on ‘Where to Eat Pizza’ these guys produce the finest wood-fired sourdough pizza in the land
The Engine House Bar:“Beer? Whisky? Pickles? Go to the Engine House entrance”

Diamond Dogs

Magic Rock Bars: Choice of award-winning craft beers from Magic Rock Brewery including High Wire, Cannonball and Salty Kiss
Dim Sum Su: Join the Dim Sum Su revolution, steamed buns, spring rolls, savoury dumplings, plus a whole lot more
Diamond Dogs: Hand crafted HotDogs made from scratch, smoked over English fruit woods
Barnhouse Bistro: A Burger like no other, Barnhouse are back for a second year. We hear rumours of fries as well…

Coco Cuisine: Serving up Afro-Caribbean street food from Jollaf Rice through to Fried Plantain and Jerk Chicken

Magic Rock

The New Oxford Beer Tent: Serving up the usual Belgian and craft beers with added Magic Rock boost.
Deli Lama: Caribbean fayre inc vegan choices, curried beanburgers & West Indian veg curry, Jerk Chicken & the piece de la resistance Lincoln’s famous Curry Goat!

UNITED REFORMED CHURCH Feed your face with freshly fried and filled doughboys from your boys

Gourmet pies throughout the day, with a selection of beers and wines.

Handcrafted Pizzas from a new Chapel St favourite, serving all day long, with fine Italian wines and beers.

Serving up Donna’s Kebabs all day.

Cakes and coffee from Chapel St’s newest addition

Serving up Vegan Sweet Potato & Kale Chilli, Falafel Wraps, Giant Hotdogs and the fabled Chicken Tikka Wraps

+++ Fresh food served all day at The Kings Arms, The Salford Arms & The Crescent.