Sounds From The Other City

// PROFORMA presents CHRIS OWEN //

PROFORMA presents Chris Owen

Location TBC


Chris Owen will create several durational performances with multiple performers across the Sounds festival area. He builds a vocabulary of movements and performance gestures that complicate an audience’s relationship to erotic representations of (queer) culture. He invites an audience to question how we understand hedonism, club culture and think about the theatricality of all these forms, using performers’ bodies as a tool to disrupt its conventional status in these contexts. By moving the body unnaturally slowly, contorting or lighting it, he presents us with an unfamiliar and often uneasy image that prompts an examination of the world it inhabits.

PROFORMA promotes contemporary visual artists through dynamic exhibitions in non-traditional gallery spaces, commissioning new artwork, providing professional development programmes and artist exchange opportunities through building creative partnerships in Greater Manchester, nationally and internationally.






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