Sounds From The Other City



Maxwell Hall @ The University of Salford >>>  Curated by Now Wave x YES


Self Esteem is an experimental pop project that sees heart-swelling vocalist Rebecca Lucy Taylor claim the space she’s always wanted, and always been destined to occupy. Under a name coined over a decade ago as a half-joke of sorts, Self Esteem is the embodiment of two fingers up to insecurity and self-doubt, and the vehicle for Madonna-size ambitions. Heralding a new kind of pop, debut ‘Compliments Please’ was an unapologetically self-aware and witty juggernaut that saw huge basslines, gospel choirs and polished, provocative production collide with love and sex and chaos and something powerfully, profoundly female. Reckon with this force when she graces the YES stage at Maxwell Hall with her astronomical presence.





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