Sounds From The Other City


>>> Now Wave stage @ Unit 4 Regent Trading Estate

Sorry‘Bin every other band, sorry are bringing romance back to music’
– Noisey

Dealing in a deceptively complex non-linear brand of bedroom grunge, Sorry are a little bit sludgy, a little bit heavy-hearted, but at their core charged with an endearingly romantic feeling. Channelling glimpses of Pavement and the fire and brimstone of early riot grrrl, they marry downer-pop riffs with abrasive electronics and a casual vocal that ranges from crackling and gentle to the stuttering, spoken word of vaguely unsettling early single ‘Drag King.’

With a new single ‘2 down 2 dance,’ having just dropped at the time of writing, they’ll continue their live show rollercoaster over the next few months before stopping over at the Regent Trading Estate for a set.

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