Sounds From The Other City

Bad Uncle presents ‘Inception’ at New Bailey Arch 1

SFTOC has a long and storied history of putting on the kind of things you won’t see at any other festival anywhere in the world. So, carrying on in the tradition of the Chat Roulette Disco, the Volkov Commanders Invasion and the phone booth concerts comes a festival within a festival. Headed by Bad Uncle – who themselves hosted the groundbreaking SFTOC social last year (featuring a house band and a selection of Saturday night game show classics re-imagined for Islington Mill) – and featuring 4 local promoters each curating their own individual stage at the never-before-used New Bailey Arch 1, we’re excited to see what happens.

Bad Uncle present ‘Inception’ at New Bailey Arch 1

A festival within the festival with Super Smash Hits Records, Tombed Visions,The Beauty Witch and Violent Femmes presenting

Danny Saul vs Sam Weaver // David Birchall // Sam Andreae & Andrew Cheetham Trio // Chris Anderson // Callum Higgins // John Dean & David McLean // Jeu // Playacting // Hot Shorts // Wilderness Hymnal // Groves // Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs // Baby Brave // Doctrines // Fists // Junk (play the hits of Jesus & Mary Chain) // Hate Your Friends (play the hits of The Lemonheads) // VF Big Band Karaoke