Sounds From The Other City

Costumologists x Faux Queens present ‘Micro Cosmic Delirium’

CostumologistsArtistic directors to this year’s festival are a collaborative force between two Liverpool based collectives COSTUMOLOGISTS & FAUX QUEENS – Collectively coming from art and performance backgrounds, encompassing costume, installation, film and performance, working with a DIY mentality often using unusual and everyday materials to create alternate worlds.

During this year’s SFTOC Costumologists & Faux Queens have been plotting to infect the festival with ‘Micro Cosmic Delirium’ – an evolving epidemic, transmitting the spirit of P-A-R-T-Y hysteria throughout the day. Through the use of costume, installation, performance and interventions ‘Micro Cosmic Delirium’ will infectiously take over the festival piece by piece, traveling between venues triggering mayhem and spreading the Delirium further, resulting in a cross contamination of epidemic proportions.