Sounds From The Other City

Red Deer Club at Bexley Square

Of all the people who have shaped SFTOC, there are few who can claim to have had the same kind of influence that Red Deer Club has. Now in their tenth year, the record label (as well as the various other arms it has had over the years) is throwing a special party in Bexley Square to celebrate. Having first hosted a stage of it’s own last year when Video Jam took to a tent to curate a line-up, RDC will this be utilising the area to present ‘The Battle of Bexley Square’. Featuring 10 selected artists playing a specially commissioned new composition, it promises to be one of the most interesting and unique line-ups that the festival has ever had the privilege of hosting.

Sara Lowes

Liz Green*

Songs for Walter*

Phill Howley

Aidan Smith*

Najia Bagi*

Jote Osahn

Raz Ullah

Chris McGrath

Neil C Young

*also performing solo