Sounds From The Other City

Red Laser Disco vs Wet Play vs El Diablos Social Club at First Chop Brewing Arm

Having debuted at last year’s SFTOC and quickly become one of the most loved venues in our history, this year we’ve put three very trusted heads in charge of First Chop. Anyone who has had any kind of decent night out in Manchester over the last couple of years will have undoubtedly done so at something connected to one of Wet Play, El Diablos or Red Laser Disco – so we decided to pair them up, and set them loose on the brewery’s own little bar. If last year (or any of the promoter’s past events) are anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.

Paddy Steer


Ruf Dug

Il Bosco

Disco Mums

+ Wet Play, El Diablos & Red Laser djs