Sounds From The Other City

The Whole Wide World @ The International 3

As part of Sounds from the Other City, The International 3 presents a 90 minute programme of individual and collaborative live sound performances. Presented within the context of their exhibition, The Whole Wide World, this event takes the physical, aural and thematic content of the exhibition as its starting point. Using natural materials and processes alongside new and old technologies The Whole Wide World Live brings together four performers whose varied approaches to sound-making combined with elements from the exhibition’s existing soundscape, promises a sonically unique audience experience.

Sonic Pleasure (aka Marie-Angelique Bueler)

Sonic Pleasure’s instrumental set-up is ‘masonry and tools’ and she has dominated this niche since 1999 always maintaining a smashing sound-world and a painstakingly orchestrated barrage of sparks and debris. In this field she has recorded, performed and loved working with Mick Beck, Derek Bailey, Alex Ward, Tony Bevan, Simon Fell, Lol Coxhill, Matt Wand, Jude Cowan Montague, the Bohman Bros and other spectacular musicians. Sonic Pleasure, aka Marie-Angelique Bueler, composer / improvisor, (b. 1975) has studied with Martin Butler, Michael Finnissy, Jonathan Harvey, Nicola LeFanu and others. Her performances / recordings include Dust Parade (for orchestra) and Refry (solo accordion). Sonic has composed scores for every imaginable combination of instruments, steeped in the style of the late C20th with strong hints of the US sound inventors. Most importantly her band of many years, Crush!!!, consists of Ian Smith (trumpet) and Mark Browne (sax and ‘stuff’) and its aims are old school. Her work has featured on Resonance FM and on BBC Radio 4.

Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam is an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance. His work explores how the mechanics of sound medias’ reflect & distort human perception, often manipulating the space(s) & moment of experience. His fascination drives a curiosity that forms as durational performances and Installations, film & video works and writing. He has exhibited & performed internationally in spaces such as La casa Encendida Madrid, The Cornerhouse Manchester, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, Modern Art Oxford, & FACT Liverpool. His performance and composed works have been commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival (UK 2010), Rumilingen new music (CH 2010), University of Salford (UK 2008) & IOU Theatre (UK 2003).

Lee Patterson

With both aided and naked ears, Lee Patterson tries to understand elements of his surroundings and culture by engaging with the sounds they produce. The use of sound recording as a method to educate his perception has resulted in a practice that includes environmental sound, improvised music, film soundtrack, radio and installation. Whether working live with amplification or recording within an environment, he has pioneered a range of devices and methods that produce or uncover complex sound in unexpected places. From rock chalk to burning nuts, from bridges to aquatic plants, he eavesdrops upon the sounds emitted by organisms and objects otherwise considered mute. Past and present collaborators include Mika Vainio, Jennifer Walshe, Vanessa Rossetto, David Toop, Rhodri Davies and John Butcher, Greg Pope, Benedict Drew, Luke Fowler, Lucio Capece, Rie Nakajima, Angharad Davies, Keith Rowe, John Tilbury, Xavier Charles and Tetsuya Umeda. His works have featured on UK TV, BBC Radios 3, 4 and 6, Resonance FM and on radio stations worldwide.

Matt Wand

Matt’s career has covered many aspects of the sound world and the music business. From 1993 to 2003 he ran and designed for the Independent Record Label HOT AIR, contributing some of its more successful releases under various pseudonyms. Previously he formed the seminal electronic improvising group Stock, Hausen & Walkman and has worked as an electronic musician within free music, avant-rock & other crossover territories. He has had Sound Objects/Sculptures & Sound Art Performances exhibited within a number of international contexts including The International Festival of Sound Art, Mexico & The Istanbul Biennial. In the past decade Matt has been writing music and creating sound designs for TV, films, publicly sited mechanical sculptures, indoor & outdoor theatre, pyrotechnic extravaganzas, mobile Apps and for a professional sound library in Los Angeles. His most recent commission is an ambitious 5.1 surround sound radiowork for the German SWR2 broadcast station based on ‘inflight’ spiritualist entertainment aboard a Zeppelin. For 2015 the soundwork was expanded to include 3d projections for installation in The Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen.