Sounds From The Other City

Wot God Forgot & Grey Lantern @ The Old Pint Pot Upstairs

Having had the bar drank dry by Postcards from Manchester a few years back, The Old Pint Pot have thankfully been suitably stocked for the past couple of festivals. However, Wot God Forgot & Grey Lantern are teaming up to make sure that their ale levels are brought perilously low once again. Two distinct promoters who both thrive on bringing in the best in both new and established music, they each have strong Sounds history; Wot God Forgot last worked with SFTOC in 2011 to bring Ghost Outfit, Patterns and Rainbow Arabia to Salford; Grey Lantern debuted a year later, having Embers, Dam Mantle and Walls at our party in 2012.


Described as “amazing” by Savages after supporting them in Osaka earlier this year, and also a favourite of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Japanese noise trio ZZZ’s exist brilliantly on the blurred edges of the familiar and alien. Steeped in Western post-punk and new wave influences, the three-piece take those recognised troupes and twist and distort them beyond all comprehension, throwing back out an artfully mangled mix of scything guitars and sharded distortion that clatter against their industrial backdrops. Formed in 2011, the group’s early EPs, Magnetica and Prescription, are two colossal blasts of 21st century rock vehemence – get ready to have your senses scrambled by your new favourite band.


Signed to hugely-respected indie Fire Records in Britain, Argentinian trio Las Kellies’ music has always had a connection to our island, with guitarist Ceci, bassist Sofi and drummer Sil raising themselves on a diet of the more open-minded UK post-punk bands of the 70’s, including the Slits and The Raincoats, while growing up in Buenos Aires. In keeping with those influences, the group’s own direction has also stepped outside the expected minimalism and guitar squall of their sound, taking in dub and hip-hop influences as they’ve expanded their oeuvre over four distinctive full-lengths. Capable of both raw aggression and shimmering finesse, Las Kellies are a fascinating curveball that’s crash landed into the heart of the Pint Pot line-up.