Sounds From The Other City

// WILDERNESS RECORDS @ The Deli Lama //


Mof Gimmers and The Lairy Bikers’

Wilderness Record Store is a vinyl shop, bar, cafe and a music venue that hosts live in-store performances from local and nationally known musicians – such as Famous, Rosey PM, Iceboy Violet and more – once or twice a week. Having only been open since April 2019, they’ve already had the likes of Ned Doheny and Dave Haslam host in-store events as well as played DJ sets under the Wilderness moniker at Partisan, Common and Manchester Psych Festival.

At SFTOC, they will be bringing their record store to the Deli Lama AND presenting a DJ set from ‘Mof Gimmers & the Gristle Witches’, a trio of Wilderness team members. Bring your dollar, support your local record store and prepare to get your pulses racing with a mixture of psych, tropicalia, soul, west coast, yacht and garage punk.




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